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Cartoons- how safe…?

By May 21, 2017Uncategorized
Dear Parents,
I trust your day was productive. Whether or not it was, you still try to provide for your children, the basics at least, food, shelter, education and some entertainment. Aha! The entertainment, that’s my interest today. My interest goes beyond my being born on children’s day (27th May), my having lots of children, a child’s heart or the fact that I watch cartoons, science-fiction and animated films to relax. Nope! In fact my relaxation today reached an anti-climax suddenly as I finished a popular cartoon adapted to movie. Thoughts about the creeping effect of this sinister plot and the fact that parents, with their hard earned money and much love, are paying for the possible ruin of their children and the future.
Now you relax, hell isn’t let loose yet. This post is ‘without prejudice’. So sip some water and try to answer these simple questions;
When last did you buy a cartoon DVD or pay for your cable TV?
How many times have you sat with your children the way you go over their homework or chores (if you do), to view the kiddies programs they watch?
If you did, did you really pay attention to the subtle yet salient transmission of ‘values’?
Finally which values exactly did your children take from it (that’s assuming you watched till the end)? Are your children showing traits of the ‘actions’ in those cartoons?
I was just on my own jeje-ly when my classmate announced that she now had the HD version of Beauty and the Beast (never mind that we are grown ladies and academic scholars, we too need to relax this amazing brain). I got the movie as a treat for myself this weekend but became sad after watching. My observation is not a new phenomenon but one that we seem to take for granted, perhaps because the wall is broken, lizards are now coming in.
In that movie alone, I counted 5 instances of homosexual nuances and gay-evocative actions. At the last count, 4th count 3 men were suddenly dressed up as females and told to ‘go and be free’. I won’t say more on that. Trust my communications expertise to say that statement and many others millions of films and animations, are the gradually distortion of the children’s mind towards accepting homosexuality as a ‘normal sexual behaviour’.  No! Homosexuality is not normal, it is bad on many grounds. This reminds me of a book I was writing earlier on masturbation. I hope I get a trusted publisher soon.
For now dear parent, scrutinise what your children watch by either watching it with them or before them. Time is never too much to preserve their future. Teach your children godly values at home, it’s your role not the teacher’s or pastor. Don’t teach it when you are scolding them, which never works. Teach when you both are relaxed, make time now before you lose them to the darkness, because they had little knowledge of God’s word.
Everything I say is purely my opinion, without prejudice and coated with my knowledge of life, experience, education, common sense and God. I have not said cartoons are bad, neither have I said good things can’t be learnt from them. ‘Train your children with love under God, fill their hearts with the word and virtues’. God-speed!

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