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My mum, a Pastor, an Educator and Music Minister was in her elements last night writing a song for her coming album; and as ever, everyone in the family had to be involved #or else…lol#

Part of the song involved mentioning names of Churches in Nigeria. We tried listing them alphabetically, Assemblies of God, Apostolic Faith, Christ Embassy, Covenant Christian Centre, Daystar Christian Centre…but we were running out of nomenclature. Suddenly my Dad remembered that ‘Mr. Google knows  better’ #i made that up# and so we went online and our findings were  shocking , sad & hilarious.

 ‘Hilarious’ , you will soon see why. ‘Shocking & Sad’, Yes! because we saw so many churches, yet so little impact considering the rate of crime, promiscuity and despicable evils prevalent in our great country and even the world at large. We were reminded of the end time by Jesus taught in Matthew 24:4-14.

So dear reader, as you roll on the floor in laughter over the hilarious church names you’ll soon encounter, please take heed lest you fall prey to the lies of the ‘enemy’. Jesus is Coming Soon. Are you ready for Rapture?

These are actual names of Churches in Nigeria.
· Face to Face Ministry
· Satan in Trouble Ministry
· Jesus Of God Mission (Imo State)
· Liquid Fire Ministries (Suleja, Niger State)

  • My Brother Is A Christian Church Of God
    · Jehova Sharp Sharp (Festac)
    · Run For Your Life Ministry  
  • God’s Mennonite Church
    · Guided Missiles Church
    · Jesus In The Now Global Ministry
    · Healing Has Begun Ministry
    · God’s Own Ministry
    · The True Assemblies of God Church #i wonder which one is fake#
    · Hurricane Miracle Ministry
    · Healing Tsunami Ministry
    · Fire for Fire Ministry
  • Chukwudi & Son Evangelical Ministry, Aba
    · Fist Of Fury (NTA Road, Port Harcourt)
    · The Yoke Must Broke Ministry (The “Broke” in this name is NOT a mistake).
    · Jesus Heal Ministry
    · Angels on Fire Chapel of Peace
    · By Fire By Fire Ministry
    · Holyfire Overflow Ministries
    · David Killed Goliath Ministry (Kaduna)
    · House of Jehova’s Padawans (Trans-Amadi, PH)
    · Jesus In His Mightiness Global Ministry
    · OPM – Other People’s Money (PH)
    · God in Action Ministries
    · Moving Mountain Gospel Church
    · Fellowship of the Wings – Ajah (Langbasa)
    · Holy Ghost On Fire Ministry (Abuja)
    · High Tension Ministry
    · Jesus Never Bleep Up Ministry (Benin)
    · Devil Go Hear Am Jesus Ministry
    · Accredited Church of God

    · Power Pass Power Church Of The Mountain Ministry Incorporated
    · Ministry Of The Unclad Wire – Bayelsa State
    · Laborator Church of God
    · Go And Tell Ahab That Elijah Is Here Ministries – Benin
    · God Is Real Ministry. Motto: “Jesus no get muscle but he get power”
    · Fire Burn Ministries
    · Jesus The Landlord, We The Relaxing Pew Ministry – Port-harcourt
    · Happy Go Lucky Church of God Almighty In Jesus Name Amen – Abeokuta
    · Old Time Religion Ministry
    · Strong Hand of God Ministry

  • Best Spot In The Land of God Church – Apapa.
    · Trigger Happy Ministry. Motto- Always firing the Devil.
    · Kasabubu Chruch of God – Ibadan
    · Jesus Knows His Children Ministry – Benin
    · Seven Thunders of Jesus
    · Perfect Christianity Ministry
    · Elshaddai Shall Not Die Ministries

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