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Are you really MATURE?

By June 15, 2017Uncategorized
Femi Onifade brought this up in the Monteeclairs whatsapp group and I feel it’s worth sharing because a lot of have ‘interesting yet vague’ ideas of what it means to be MATURE.  For instance, when my mum was a spinster , one of her suitors considered her mature because he farted (mess) so much when he went visiting and she didn’t say a word about it nor show how smelly it was (like rotten eggs mixed with 3 day old beans).  I’m glad she didn’t marry him. Enjoy the article!
Usually, I hear a few people talk about maturity and I have discovered that their mindsets and thoughts are always tilted towards age, natural growth and development, and material possessions but Inasmuch as I try not to argue—I think maturity in real life has got only a little to do with achieving natural growth and development.
To be more direct, a matured person is one who is able to live life with principles and wisdom. One who delights in humility and learning from others. A matured person does not wait to learn from his/her own mistakes but picks vital lessons from the experience of others, (both good and bad).
Whenever a person is said to be matured, it means that such person is leading life with high emotional intelligence. They know whether to respond or react especially in the face of difficult situations.
Matured people are those who concentrate more on knowing themselves better, their strengths and weaknesses rather than criticizing the imperfections of others. They know how to keep healthy and harmonious relationships with others, maintaining integrity.
Being matured also mean that you understand life to be what you make of it. It’s not just a bed of roses. The matured individual understands that life to a great extent is about consequences that are preceded by causes, thereby making conscious and deliberate decisions and accepting responsibility for whatever results from it, not passing the buck to others.
Responsibility and wisdom is what makes a man matured, not age. In families, we have elder brothers and sisters who are having a hard time getting along with their younger ones due to the fact that they’ve been told that their age is what makes them mature. We also have single individuals who want to be married because they seek the solution to their immaturity problems, they go into marriage and their immaturity problems remain. They did not know that, “if you are not responsible for your own life while you’re single, it would not get better when married”. Marriage/relationship will only expose your immaturity and defects. If wisdom and maturity is a function of age, Methuselah I think would have been wiser and made more impact than Solomon during his days on earth.
When a person understands and accept that he or she is responsible for his or her own life and begin to create a more fulfilling, successful and purpose-driven life, then maturity becomes more real to us.

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