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“Bang Bang Clang Clang…”, What’s broken???

By March 27, 2011Uncategorized

No, it’s not a water pipe or a window. But it’s making lots of noise and spilling a big mess everywhere. “Bang Bang Clang Clang. Do you hear it?”

What’s broke in many churches today is the Brotherly Love that Jesus said would be the identifier to the world that we are His.

At times we can hardly get folks to stand together long enough to sing in the choir on a Sunday evening. Much less come together in prayer for the sake of revival and souls in the community. This was a real issue for the Corinthian church too. We know this because Paul took an entire chapter to deal with it.

When a church is bound together with Love, it can do great things for God, but when that same element is missing, strife can rule and reign in a church.

“People say they love me, but when it gets down to the heart of the matter they don’t really show it”. How do we deal with that? How do we deal with the fact that we just have bad people in the church? KICK THEM OUT!!!!!!!! No! We deal with the root of the problem and we fix what is broken.
– Excerpt from the Bang Bang Clang Clang series.

To say “God is love” seems too broad and general for me to get a handle on. For me to get a grip on those three words, I need to see God express himself in a tangible way. John, how has God manifest himself to cause you to make such a sweeping statement? How do you know He is love? What evidence is there that caused this understanding to grip you?

Let me leave you with this dear verse…Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.Mark 12:31…this will go a long way to ease the ‘Heavenly Race’; the gates will less prevail in individual lives.

Share this Love unconditionally. Till i hear from you soonest, i’d simply say I Love You.


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