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Beryl Ehondor – A Poem of Me

By November 20, 2015Uncategorized

Amazingly this world is made of words. We still use words everyday, everywhere and in every way as we live. Words are so powerful,  they make or Mar a person and anything at all. Every thing visible or not has ears, so they respond to words. Review, cook and season your words today before dishing it out. Do not waste this innate , God-given power.

Someone wrote a poem just for me. Wow! Impressive & deeply appreciated! Feel free to write yours o…lol…I’ll publish too.

The lines all seem deep, each heavy with meaning. I’m a word person,  I’m gonna spend time on this one. I think it was God inspired. I love it, so I’m sharing to those I care about too, and you reading, are top on this list.

At times God just speaks mysteries; We connect the dots to get the picture

It feels good to be thought of and appreciated with such deep words without deceit or strings attached. Appreciate a friend today.  You never know what impact you’d be making.

To my dear new friend (aka grand pa) and author of this beautiful poem just for me, I’d like to say I appreciate you, keep the lines coming and God bless you richly. Thank you so much!

Here’s the award winning poem I’m titling …okay maybe you readers will help with that. I’m serious o! Hahaha

Beryl Ehondor
God’s praise vendor
Clothed in His splendour
Blessed through more than one door

She’s not like Ecuador
Prey to whom Spain was a Condor
But her fear is spilled like an odour
Capturing her foe’s corridor

She is a mighty nation
Great among God’s creation
Conqueror in every ramification
Awaiting glorification

A new creature
With Christ’s own nature
Living a heavenly culture
My inspiration for this literature

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