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Could this be Love!?*#

By March 28, 2011Uncategorized

My personality was crafted so specially, that despite my gender, you won’t catch me crying especially in public (unless I’m sick maybe). Recently however, my experiences indicate that crying unburdens the soul, eases stress, quenches anger, relieves the heart etc.

Even you will admit that when you are so burdened & cry about an issue to God, He comforts us and ‘seemingly ‘ answers speedily.

I assumed I was a tough kid [like my dad used to call me] until one day, I was about to do a song by Hezekiah Walker- You’re Calling My Name….as I meditated on the song the nite before, I wept sore. I got church the next morning, plugged-in & Oh My God!…not again(on the choir seat)…I began to cry, no weep, inconsolably so…’what was happening to me?’

….”I thought of how much as humans & indeed individually we had hurt, spited, ignored, undermined & trampled on His {Jesus} feelings for us …yet He keeps calling my name to come….i cried so hard because I couldn’t understand or process Why, I wasn’t sure I could love Him enough, thoughts of where I would have been if hadn’t called me crossed my mind, I wasn’t sure if I won’t hurt him again (especially with unbelief)….What did He ever do wrong to be repaid with so much negative by the world?… ”

Finally , the choir was called to minister, I had to put myself together (with blood-shot, sullen eyes ), smiled and began to sing with All my heart, praying , hoping that perhaps, someone somewhere ,somehow ,someplace under the sound of my voice would get broken, feel how I felt, possibly cry & run into or re-enter His ever waiting arms of Love…making a promise , a resolve, a deliberate decision to NEVER EVER leave Christ.

Let the change begin from you….

PS:- I want to Thank You Lord for Calling My Name.

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