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Dear Papa Jesus

By June 24, 2012Uncategorized


Whilst studying the model prayer template, I wondered to myself why He didn’t personalize His Father, he said, ‘Our’ instead of ‘My Father’. I imagined that if He did otherwise we would have been saying the Lord’s Prayer in a different way and it would  have started like this, ‘Dear Papa Jesus wey dey for heaven, I hail your ogbonge name…’ lol. Thankfully Christ didn’t, he says He’s ‘Our Father’, it’s a family thing, You , I , Jesus , God & Holyspirit, One Big Family.


If our relationship with God should be like Father- Son, what then is the reason for not communicating with Him daily…the truth (in my opinion) is that some folks today don’t even relate properly with their earthly Fathers, not to mention other humans. Followers of Christ must be in right relationship with God & each other.


Today God is recurrent in jokes & swear-words e.g. God-damn-it, God-punish-you, God-forsaking-mother-fucker, Blood of God…  We have common-ised & ridiculed the name of God enough, disregarding the essence & power of His name, would you take that insult if you were He? {but God is merciful}


Jesus taught that we should approach God as a child would a Father, with confidence, an assurance of love & acceptance, respect, and fearing no evil (Luke 11:4). However, some of our talks and action show we don’t trust him enough to take care of us. But why??? Habouring disappointments, delay, feeling of unworthiness, unanswered prayers, difficult times etc??


 Mend your relationship. Expect the best from him today, take him at his word & be that confident child of His. He loves you more than you imagine.

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