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By September 12, 2012Uncategorized

We all have our ‘I’m Sorry’ stories to share “…Oops! I’m SORRY I came late”, “I’m only human, so I’m sorry”, “SORRY I forgot we had a date, SORRY I was supposed to call earlier” I’m sure you’ll get over it, I’m sorry…”.  The thoughts kept reverberating in my mind and I concluded, the nagging woman is equivalent to a man full of sorry (s), so I’d rather be by myself than marry a guy who has a predisposition of apologizing.


Some people are so good at it that it almost feels like they deliberate upset you just so they can say the word, ‘SORRY’. Regardless of how hard you try, certain folks, friends and family simply can’t be banked on to deliver on their word or tasks even when the weather is favourable…. then comes the ‘S’ word again. #eyes rolling#


My disdain for that word (especially from the same person a lot of times) was aroused again after seeing a scene featuring Janet Jackson in the Tyler Perry movie, ‘Colored Girls’. The lines went something like this:-


“….save your Sorry. One thing I don’t need are anymore apologies. I got Sorry greet me at the front door, you can keep yours. I don’t know what to do with them, I’ve got to throw some away, I can’t even get them to lock my closet for all the Sorrys.


You know what?! I’m gonna put a sign on the door or leave a voicemail, if you call to say you’re Sorry , then call somebody else cos I don’t use him anymore. I left ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘I didn’t mean to’ and ‘how could I know about that’ … I’m gonna do what I want and I’m not gonna be Sorry for none of it. Let Sorry soothe your soul, I’ll soothe mine. You’re always being inconsistent and say you’re Sorry about it…I’m not even Sorry about you being Sorry…I can’t use another Sorry… ”

Gosh!!! So many Sorries. I could never live with such a person (i’m sure no sane guy would want a ‘sorry’ girl or a relative or even staff that’s always sorry). I bet even God is tired of our ‘Sorries’ every now and then. Repent and decide not fall again, soon you’ll  run out of grace and mercy, then you face judgement. That relationship is at risk if you’re always in the sorry spot.

Sorry is not a bad word, but it becomes annoying when you have to say or hear sorry for the same mistakes over and over again. Of course, you can ditch the sorry bag. If you need help, then ask. monteeclairs@gmail.com

i’m Sorry i don’t wanna overflog this subject but i invite you to share your ‘Sorry’ story and plans bring a change to that situation. Dump the Sorry bag. Think about this!


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