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Finding You

By June 22, 2017Uncategorized

Who am I? Why am I here? What?How? When? Recently I’ve had to counsel, teach and coach in churches, groups and individuals on issues which centre on who we really are and why we’re here.  Many have contemplated and committed suicide being unable to find answers to the questions of life,  depressed,  unhappy and disorientated.

Some questions I teach them to ask are 7 Fundamental Questions, as discussed by Dr. Abu Bako

1.  WHO AM I? Who really are you?

2.  WHERE AM I? Where are you in relation to God, life and time? Are you in the exact place and location God planned for your life this very moment?

3.  WHY AM I HERE? What difference are you making where you are?

4.  WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? Your work is incomplete if you do not get to the finishing line. What definite steps are you taking to get to your destination?

5.  HOW DO I GET THERE? How would you succeed if you don’t know how you were meant to function? Are you among the many who are unable to get there mainly because after considering the difficulties, problems, and limitations associated with this stage,  they give up?

6.  WHEN DO I START?  For maximum impact, there is a right time. Do you know it?

7.  WHAT WILL I BE REMEMBERED FOR? By what and for which would you be remembered for?

No matter where you try to apply them; they are applicable to every aspect of life. Finding answers to these questions will enhance the quality of your life and set you on the road to success and fulfilment.

Quite frankly,  you are not here to occupy space. Begin to live your purpose, God has already created the slot you need to feel (see Joseph for the famine,  Elisha to replace Elijah,  Jesus for cleansing sin).  Ask God in prayer, He’s never stranded.  What’s your purpose in this church,  this country,  this world
If there’s no purpose,  you won’t be here. Why are you here? You were created to meet the need
How you look even physically , is even orchestrated to suit purpose.  Don’t wish for another person’s life
Jeremiah 29:11

Approved,  certified,  up to standard,  fearfully and wonderfully made with unique signature,  my finger print.  Lady with no hair in salon,  thank God for your hair…. don’t let anyone say you’re ugly or anything else.  Your gifts and talents are for a purpose. …TO TAKE THE LEAD UNDER GOD!

Your gifting,  calling,  grace. … is according to purpose.  Not every where you fit in is where you belong , picture of tangerine in garlic.  Purpose fits you where your gifting is to function.  Your blessing is wrapped in your purpose.  Study your course,  serve in God according to purpose, bring God pleasure in all you do; this way your greatness comes with speed,  grace, prosperity and blessings come faster

How to find yourself:

  • Prayer- God exists.  He also hears, sees and answers prayers.
  • Engage the Holy Spirit
  • Ask God in prayer Matthew 7:7
  • Develop that purpose
  • Stay in his presence in word and prayer
  • Read all you can in the area of purpose
  • Associate strategically, in line with purpose

Friendship is not for fun but purpose.  Iron sharpens iron. Friendship is a choice.  Beware of friends. It’s a choice not by force

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