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David wouldn’t let me be, he kept asking prodding questions seeing the pissed look on my face. Eventually, i had to share my grievance…

In retrospect, someone (another friend of mine) had offended me, threw many months of service and commitment back in my face. I was pulled out of an on-going project without-a-word, for sentimental reasons, and what he’d done was pure and simple, utter disrespect#eyes-rolling#

David smiled in understanding, then educated me on the ‘condition’ plaguing my offender, Founders Syndrome.

Founder’s syndrome, sometimes called founderitis,is a label normally used to refer to a pattern of behavior on the part of the founder(s) of an organization that, over time, becomes maladaptive to the successful accomplishment of the organizational mission. The term is anecdotal/unofficial and does not actually refer to a medical syndrome. It is particularly common where there has been only one person leading the organization or the board of directors since its inception and commonly occurs in both non-profit and for-profit.

(in simple language)Founders Syndrome: a condition where a person successful in multiple ventures/projects reaches a stage when he believes every decision he takes is absolutely right, infallible, perfect, foolproof, watertight, reliable, flawless (based on evidence of many successes).

Founders Syndrome is a condition as old as time itself with no respect for nationality, creed, age and no known cure. It has been diagnosed in business moguls, entrepreneurs, preachers, general overseers, imams, politicians etc, all over the world, China, America, Europe, Africa, Nigeria…everywhere. Perhaps we could tag it a defect of successful.

When the Boss has this ‘condition’ , employees and associates begin to lose initiative, practice eye-service, colleague back-stabbing and explore possible means to enrich themselves, then exit, but not before getting infected themselves. For those who are too smart, nerdy or considered a threat (perhaps after opposing the Boss’s idea) they stand the risk of direct assault, which include demotion, sanction or sack, even if their idea is adopted eventually. Does this scenario sound like your office?

I made peace with my offender that night, especially because Christians shouldn’t live in strife or keep malice but i couldn’t stop thinking about ‘Founders Syndrome’. Most of the big boys, entrepreneurs seemed to have it (don’t want to mention names) telecommunications, finance, real estate…

Then i thought to myself, does God have this defect? He afterall is the biggest Founder/Inventor/Investor i know. In case you’re asking, he created life, founded earth, invested in mankind (at a huge expense, including the life of his only Son)…

Hey! if he had Founders Syndrome would he allow Adam to name all creatures? Would he have bordered to negotiate Israel’s fate with Moses (Exodus 32:11-13, 30-32)? Why would he let Joshua control the sun & moon (Joshua 10:13)?. Also in Isaiah 1:18, he says to all, ‘Come let us reason together…’. What awesome humility despite omnipotence!

So where did Man get this defect? Are you sure you are not infected? Perhaps your boss is, but how do we handle such people?

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