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GOD IS FAITHFUL #tributetotheking2

By November 30, 2015Uncategorized

last few months particularly, have been very eventful,  especially being the Music Director of the AG-Leaders Domain Choir Intl., the youth choir of Assemblies of God church,  Surulere,  Lagos.

The leaders felt prodded by God to take on the challenge of an album in 2015. The thought seemed daunting,  but we strategized and trusted God for everything including songs, funding and help in every way. Worthy of note is the fact that many had never written a song before then. And so we asked Baba God, then declared open season for song writing.  The result was outstanding.

Someone is already saying what’s the big deal about a music album. Truth is, we’d seen NO CHOIR within our fold , on a national scale, come up or trive with a music album that permeated the market,  society & christiandom. This is with great respect for many who worked on this path and will be encouraged to do MORE after this groundbreaking single from AG LEADERS DOMAIN CHOIR.

I can tell you for free that the road was tough, but every time God proved himself that He is still in charge and He’s got our back. Many times we considered throwing the towel, aborting the vision,  saw embarrassment starring annoyingly. We literally went from that’s a great idea let’s do it ,  to why are we burning time and cash when there are other issues in church, to what’s the point in all of this…and so on.

Now I see why God allowed us suffer the birth pains. He always does things on purpose,  to test, prepare us and provide a testimony to reach every soul. There was pressure on the leaders,  pressure on the choir,  pressure on the church,  yet something beautiful came forth. I couldn’t help crying tears of joy at our final rehearsal. Indeed, it was worth it.Our first single- God is faithful!  See link. Bit.ly/ldc-GodIsFaithful

Special thanks to Sister Chukwoma of Healing Springs, also a former AG member at akonwonjo. More grace to our families,  friends,  sponsors , converts & fans. Our God shall visit you MORE for partnering with us on this vision.

This is the first to be released in our MORE Album,  featuring two ace producers,  Rotimi Keys and J. Treash. It was recorded , produced in Nigeria and mastered in America. It’s world class material with indigenous content. It’s our life’s testimony,  a tribute to the King of Kings,  the creator of Heaven & earth who deserves much more of our praise.  He’s an awesome wonder, no other power compares to Him, perfect in all his ways, creation declares his grandeur , here in his splendour we bow to his awesome power.

Join the praise even as we transit to 2016. Has God done anything at all for you? Then you need to get this song by Leaders Domain Choir and praise along with us.

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