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Halleluyah debut – Holy Shower Download

By September 9, 2017Uncategorized
Halleluyah debut- Holy Shower Download
Many have reported getting life transforming inspiration in peculiar places like in the toilet, while cooking or even during a wilderness experience. Princewill Agbazue’s debut single, Halleluyah- produced by J.Treash is another peculiar happenstance, as he received inspiration while bathing after a stressful day’s work.
In his words, ‘…basically it was one evening after work. I hit the showers and was just enjoying myself in tongues with the holyghost, when i heard a tune in my spirit. Immediately i ran to my keyboard and figured the tone out. In the process, more tones kept coming, like a holy download. In that instant the whole song including instrumentals came to my spirit. It was amazing because i dont really write lyrics well. It seemed God stood by me and dictated the lyrics, then gave the pattern for the song; i simply listened and wrote the whole thing that night…God is amazing. Halleluyah!’
His deep gratitude goes to Holy Ghost for inspiration, then to amazing human elements – Beryl Ehondor , Funsho Ojo , Daniel Ojo , amazing family & friends.
How does this concern Monteèclairs Transformation Initiative? Princewill Agbazue, a multi – talented instrumentalist and computer scientist,  is a shining example of young talents in Nigeria that God is raising to transform the gospel music space. He is one of the mentees of the initiative and an Ambassador of Jesus.
Enjoy, download and share his music. God literally laid hands on this one! Get your Holy download on! Get Halleluyah by Princewill.
Well done Princewill! Halleluyah!

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