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By May 16, 2017Uncategorized
I have come to discover that those who abuse others were abused at some point in their lives. It then seems to become part of their DNA, a sinister part of them that comes out when no one is watching. It’s overpowering, controlling and leaves them with guilt after the deed. Sometimes they do worse things to deal with the hurt and guilt. Sometimes they hurt people they love in the process and the guilt mounts up…more hurt in their body and soul.
-He was raped as a child, now he’s a man and only attracted to young boys. She watched her mother beaten all the time my father till he abandoned them, she’s a woman now and won’t take nonsense from any man, hurting her sweet husband. Nobody was kind to me as I climbed the ladder, why should i help anyone; those who should have helped me didn’t, why should i be merciful? i suffered and they must suffer too. The gory images of what they did to me and I did haunt me, I doubt i can be free from it- is this your gist? It can change you know. It needs to or you’ll keep attracting what you are inside.
Sometimes they crave freedom but without exposure; alas, evil thrives iMONTn secrecy. hurt people will hurt others and the vicious circle continues. They can’t stop it themselves, sometimes it seems like that’s the only life they’ve known, HURT, and so they ooze it.
Good news is that you can break the loop. Start with talking to someone about the hurt or abuse. That the last person you spoke to betrayed you should not stop you from reaching out for air. Your speaking out is tied to your freedom. If you are not sure of who to speak with, then talk with Monteeclairs. By God’s grace and wisdom, we will walk through this and come out smiling and liberated in Jesus name.

Send a private message or email let’s deal with the haunting hurt before it eats you (and your loved ones) up. Mail to: monteeclairs@gmail.com

How are you dealing with your hurt?

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