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By October 16, 2011Uncategorized

It was a pleasant day for a ‘Tea’ date with my Kenyan friend, Musula, a former client. He needed to say proper goodbyes to the nice people he’d related with in Nigeria.

Well, it turned out to be more than Tea & Goodbye talks, esp as I was accompained to window shop @ MegaPlaza…”Who would resist the company of a beautiful lady on such a nice day”, he said. #don’t worry, I didn’t blush…lol…I was simply saved some expenses…hehehe#

After a failed wooing attempt, he expressed his candid opinion of me (church girl) and goes on to tell me about his life, family,his christian background how he backslid, even the woman with him is not his wife…

I listened carefully as he spoke whilst intermittently sipping from his glass of Whiskey (which had sparked off the new chat subject).#shh…I silently prayed that no one from church catches me sitting with a man drinking whiskey @ a posh bar. Would they believe its business which led to sharing the Gospel?…hmm,I hope my pastor doesn’t read this ȍ…lol#

He concluded his story with a sigh, he had gone too far, he’s been cursed & God will never forgive him.

As he spoke, I prayed silently for the right words to tell this man.# Found none# but my next statement shocked both of us. #my Senior Partner- the Holy Spirit was already taking charge…Phew,what a relief!#

‘I PITY GOD’, I’d said . Musula was dumbfounded, ‘I’ve never heard or read such a statement’, he said. Infact when I shared this statement with one of my friends, Charles, he thought it was ridiculous, odd, weird,”Pity God! How?!”.

I pity God a lot of times. Times when I put myself in his shoes. I Imagine how I or you would feel if my friend, my child or my brother who I train, feed, cloth and still labour for everyday gangs up with people in my neighbourhood to insult, rape, beat me up and leave me with knife stabs. Then he returns to apologise…What!?…mscheeeew!

Would I ever forgive him? Can I look at him without †ђε gory scenes of my disgrace flashing before my eyes? This is what any Christian who backslides does to God; bring him grief & disgrace.

I Pity God because despite all we do to upset Him, His hands are virtually tied by His Word (John 3:16)…he won’t just rain down fire&brimstone, He’s still faithful and Just to forgive if we con fess, repent & turn from evil. Infact, I firmly believe that if Judas had repented, God would have heard him.

Some scholars call it the era of grace, little wonder there’s so much evil in the world homosexuals, gay marriages, divorce, terrorism, racism etc.

Look Musula, I said,’its kinda frustrating, I could never have such a large heart. Infact, if I was God, many people would have been dealt with, destroyed especially politicians #hmm…I mean the corrupt ones ȍ, ehen!#’

But its a relief I’m not Him, I can’t stand the pain, disdain & over-familiarity exhibited by Today’s Christians, an utter abuse of the gift of choice and grace…need I say more?!

Dear friend, if possible I’d like Ў☺ΰ to pity God today…shall we continue in sin that Grace may abound? God forbid? Or should I Lukewarmness? As I speak to you, I do to me also.

Take a commitment stand today to stop hurting God with your up & down Love.

You can be free indeed (Jn 8:36) free from lies, masturbation, compromise, anger, fear, depression and all that weigh us down. Ask the Holy Spirit in & to help Ў☺ΰ.

Act fast, the Pity-Party ends soon (rapture). God keep Ў☺ΰ.


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