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Is Salary a bribe?

By March 17, 2017Uncategorized

“Salary is the bribe you take to forget your dreams in Life”

Someone shared the quote above as a wakeup call and a question came from a respondent ,’So what is a bribe?’ According to wordweb dictionary,  it is payment made to a person in a position of trust to corrupt his judgment. A (crime) make illegal payments to in exchange for favours or influence •

 I wanna believe that this quote is pro – entrepreneurship,  however I do not agree with it because it is a fallacy. Salary is money paid regularly for doing work . Everyone gets paid including the employer, thats how businesses operate. This quote implies that being unless you’re an entrepreneur you are fulfilling your dreams. This is a hasty generalisation because entrepreneurship cannot thrive without employees and salary is the major reward of a business. – the business must pay the owner and staff or it will die.

Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. Entrepreneurs cannot survive or grow without  employees. Not everyone will be the boss or do well at the helm of affairs. Some people are passive, agressive or passive-agressive.  Some persons are initiators while some are executors. Some are meant to lead and others to follow. Yet all are important and need to work together. A leader without followers is just a LID. The point is that everyone is important in his/her own way, but must however be goal and purpose driven.

Failure to learn under others and understand  innate capability is the reason many people struggle as salary earners, and  businesses fail within the first few years or struggle through its life cycle. I’ll need another post to elaborate on choosing a hustle.

Summarily, salary can be payment while you fulfil your dream in life; it could also be payment with dreams deferred; salary is payment while you structure your dreams in life ; payment for giving some time of  your life ; payment you earned. Find yourself,  then you can decide who pays your salary, you or your employer.
Therefore, Salary is not a bribe.

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