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JUST DO IT 2- Beating Procrastination

By July 13, 2016Uncategorized

So we got feedback from the last article, Just Do It. Sam says, “…I’ve been gathering materials on procrastination and will power for weeks now. I read some and discard some…I’ve fallen victim of the procrastination thing so many times, I bet you’ve not…can we have a template to check procrastination, with record system and self-growth monitor?…”

From our assessment, Sam is still struggling with procrastination. There’s a myriad of materials online on this subject not commensurate with long term impact on the consumers, why?

Procrastination is a bad habit that slowly eats us away preventing us from achieving greater results in life. It involves pushing forward what you should do now for later time. This happens due to laziness, fear, poor planning or time mismanagement, confusion, pride, ignorance, indiscipline and distractions. 

Having tried the myriad of articles, to do lists, apps, digital calendars/task managers, alarms, diaries and even life coaching, I can tell you for free that the easiest path to checking procrastination is finding your purpose in life and by extension the role of that activity (suffering procrastination) in line with your purpose. If you know where you’re
headed, motivating yourself to pass through an uncomfortable but required road is easier; finding purpose makes life a stroll in the park.

God’s simple answer for Procrastination is in Proverbs 6:6, to learn principles of living from the ant, first of which is purpose.  Scientific research has made this even easier. Also google lessons from the ant, see blog posts on that. Relevant links can be provided on request.

Monteéclairs shares its key to beating procrastination or achieving a goal in a code mode- TAKING BABY STEPS…don’t procrastinate about reading this, you’d enjoy it especially if you love babies…hehehe

Steps to achieving ANY goal (business, relationship, personal life etc); Baby Moves…


Some needs to stop running around aimlessly in unending circles; one step forward and a mile backwards. Sit down, gather some strength, assess yourself. Are you happy with your result? Where are you now in terms of where you’re going or the goal?

  1.             2.BABY THINKS OF WHAT HE WANTS

Once the baby begins to think of what it wants, all of his senses are alerted. So THINK! How does this goal fit into the big picture of your life, your purpose? You have got ask the right questions, to get the right answers. How far reaching is your goal? Is it worth it? Will achieving it give you peace with self, man and God?

  1.            3. BABY FOCUSES

Sometimes our biggest drawback are distractions we allow by ourselves. Eliminate limiting beliefs, mental blocks, idle internet surfing, unproductive chat time, uninspiring relationships and associations. What you focus on, you attract.

The more focused you are focused you are, the more open you are to grand and novel ideas to help your cause, strategies…when these come, 
WRITE THEM DOWN no matter how crazy they are. As you focus, you gather energy, strategies, innate resource, you picture yourself already achieving, you reflect the winner disposition (talk the walk) See Proverbs 23:18, Mark 11:24. You’ve got to anticipate, believe nothing will stop you, build your mind positively, have faith, keep faith.

  1.            4. BABY MOVES TO TARGET OBJECT

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking or crawling, if resources are scarce or folks thik you are wasting your time, just make a move, take a step, don’t stop at brainstorming and daydreaming…Move!

  1.            5.  BABY HOLDS ON TO SUPPORT

What’s that? A table, an adult’s foot, just hold-on. Yes! Making a move can be tough, the part where your thoughts and papers come to life, not enough strength, challenges… so it’s okay to reach out to the ‘adult’ (could be a superior, friend, family, investor, boss, mentor, parent, achiever etc). They were waiting for you to make the move, shows you’re ready, serious to achieve. There’s no shame in getting help. They are an accountability circle of sorts.

  1.            6.   BABY PULLS SELF UPRIGHT

No matter what, you’ve got to keep your head up. Even if you had to take a pause, it shouldn’t affect your pulse. Stay positive, focused on the prize. Take charge of your mind, you can win. Guard your mind/heart, it’s all you’ve got.


I love babies. Sometimes all they have to do is focus on an object, get an adult to carry them, then point to the target. You fail to comply and they give you the baby wail that breaks your heart till you deliver the item…lol…the facial transition is epic…lol

Friends, your goal is within your reach. Get creative yáll. Someone just needs to hold on to support and reach out with determination. You’d be surprised at the avalanche of help you’d get. Let God guide you; you can achieve anything through Christ who strengthens. He’s already on your side. Genesis 1:28, Philippians 4:13

Monteéclairs can design Procrastination charts but that’s not the remedy, the key is in finding yourself and have all goals align with your purpose. That way, you will drive yourself.

Take BABY STEPS…the answer you seek is within; you are designed to win. Dialogue with your Maker and Monteéclairs for more.

JUST DO IT 1 – http://www.monteeclairs.com/2016/07/just-do-it.html

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