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 One night in February 2016, I stumbled on a shirt with my name, Beryl. I liked it and joked about getting royalty on the name, only to see other Beryls had commented, 3 of them.
I was intrigued. I had thought I was the only Beryl in the planet, such beautiful and rare name. An idea suddenly flashed into mind and I put it up as a comment… ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have all Beryls in one group?’.
Someone laughed, another liked the idea. It seemed a bit odd to me, I didn’t know what to expect but I decided to JUST DO IT.
Created the group and began to search for Beryls on social media…oh my God! My findings were shocking. In 2 weeks, I had over 300 men and women named Beryl from all continents of the world, different time zones, races, faces from all spheres of life. It’s a rare privilege for me, to be the convener. It’s like chairing a UN meeting but much more fun. It’s exhilirating, an incredible experience when Beryls unknown to each other before now, suddenly are able to meet up in person.
Months later, after missing one Beryl at Ghana Airport,  Anita Beryl (from Uganda ) and I met up in my Lagos, Nigeria. (yes I own Lagos…lol). It was really a beautiful experience. Twas like we’d known each other for so long. After her event (showcasing her exquisite BERYL Couture designs at the Africa Fashion Week) , we went to Lagos market and had fun shopping. I think she cried on the last night when I had to leave, I didn’t want to either. Can’t wait to meet more Beryls. There’s indeed a unique exciting feature common to us all, great hearts. Thinking about a Beryl hangout, maybe in space , so no one feels cheated. Wow! Perhaps More Beryls in different countries can meet can join our JUST BERYLS group on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/justberyls/
What’s the point of all this talk?
Some of you reading this have had ideas flash through your mind, you foot dragged and sometime soon found out someone,  somewhere doing that your idea, maybe better. Guilty or not?
God naturally endowed us with creative juice, don’t waste it. When the ideas come, Just Do it.
Ask that girl to marry you, start that business, take that vacation, forgive that person, quit that relationship, say YES to that good man, give yourself a treat, take that deal, follow your inspiration, find your purpose, get a life, resign from that job… The list is endless…you know it will give you peace… JUST DO IT!

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