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Leadership Lessons at PAU

By November 24, 2016Uncategorized

Leadership is not about position, title or even gray hair. Much of it…is INFLUENCE by example, not mere talk. So some persons just come across you , make outstanding impression that influence your life, experience you can’t wait to share. You search for the most available friend and pour out the details. Here’s me sharing.

Me: Guy , how far, how your day na?

Friend: Hectic o, real busy

Me: Pele…some days are like that
Well I had an interesting experience today. I got to the school center or canteen at lunch time and saw my  vice chancellor having lunch. I couldn’t believe it.
I quickly bought my food and went to his table…of course my classmates stayed far away
Me: He’s Spanish
He engaged me in a conversation. It’s amazing cos I never saw my rector in Yabatech , nor University of Ibadan Vice Chancellor

Friend: Hmmm. That’s the difference with other international institutions
How did the conversation do, What did you guys talk about?

Me: He asked my program, then my name,then he told me his
It was a struggle… Lol…and he repeated severally to help me get it
Told me he’s Spanish and his name means chosen one
I told him my name is in the Bible and a precious stone… He said there are others there but there’s only one chosen one… We laughed
He then asked how the program was going. I said cool but plenty assignments… He laughed

Me: He then asked if it was value for my time and money
I responded, absolutely. And commended the very experienced facilitators, who bring their wealth of industry experience to the class room, plus up to date materials and super multimedia presentations in class
He smiled.
Then excused himself, wishing me a pleasant afternoon

😍😇 What humility!

Friend: That was nice. Left you a piece of the school. Not a bad piece
Even if you meet a lecturer that is not up to speed  or not very welcoming, you already have a good experience that will last,  and this is from the top of the pile so it’s even better

Me: As in ehn     See http://www.pau.edu.ng/admission/undergrad/from-the-vc/

Friend: One question you should carry in your ammunition for the next time you either meet him or someone else of worth….. one advise you can give
What advise would you give someone like me not just for now but how to make the most of my qualification in 5 years.The next step. It opens people’s eyes. A 5 minute conversation with someone who knows can define your next 10 years positively

Me: I’m so impressed I’m going to blog about this…it’s so worth it!

Kudos to  Pan Atlantic University, School of Media & Communication, and everyone that make it work. Enjoy this picture of my VC, Professor Juan M. Elegido and i. Oh Yea, i like to network with great people. hehehe!

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