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Leonardo da Vinci 8 Power Questions

By April 30, 2017Uncategorized

Many ask and continuously seek their purpose in life knowing that being on this planet is not a mistake. While you search, know that your life matters and there’s no fixed formula to finding your place in life, but there’s one source, God.

Meanwhile, there are guides that could help you make the most of your days on this planet, help you take charge, have dominion and find pleasure under God. One of the guides that could help especially with choosing a career or finding yourself is asking the right questions.  Try out Leonardo da Vinci 8 Power Questions and see where it takes you in the quest of #findingSelf. I’ve answered the questions to act as guide. Act on your assessments later, that’s the critical part, faith without works is dead. Cheers!
When am I most myself? When I’m sharing knowledge on a life issue that then transforms or moves the next person to another level or peace of mind. e.g. on #Monteeclairs Transformation Initiative or a long call just listening to another person’s challenge & showing love
*What is the one thing I could do or stop doing that would most improve the quality of my life? trust God more, enjoy the moments
*What is my greatest talent? Communicating gracefully in love through face-to-face, text, music etc
*How can I get paid for doing what I love best?
Practicing communication corporately and socially
*Who are my most inspiring role models? Jesus, Paul, Dad
*How can I change the world?  Live with purpose one day at a time, celebrate every level of success, work on the next, carry others along
*What is my deepest passion? Impacting others & adding value to facilitate better purposeful living


*What will be my life’s legacy? People get valued & increase in value after meeting me (my words or works), they experience God and Grace.

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