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Lessons on Humility

By September 23, 2016Uncategorized

I read a post today with a lesson on humility, it reminded me of a similar experience I had outside my country.

It was break time during the conference and the food was strange, plus I hadn’t changed my dollars to cedi. I hadn’t visited GTBank in that country. And then No Nigerian around to perch with.  Chai!


Suddenly, one of the participants invited me to join her banana feast.  I politely declined. She insisted and the hunger humbled me. We started munching and Gisting. I told her I was a musician, Realtor, blogger, teacher, HR enthusiast, social critic, management expert and leader in my country (hyping myself 😃). She said she’s a civil servant, and she looked the part, dressed so simply.

We were still Gisting when someone came addressing her as honorable. She then had a call and begged to take her leave.

Later I found out the woman was a senator, I mean like those in the house of Assembly … I was like….😳  what! Has she seen Nigerian politicians in public without guards and stuff… Lol. So rich people can be this humble!  😱 OMG!

There were many of them around like that and they took turns to personally drive us around, put us in first class lounges,  leaving their drivers behind, waiting on us. OMG! Can rich folks in this life be this humble?!  Well, Yea!

So today, When I see someone with a few millions, even thousands sef  puffing up, I shake my head at the destructive combination of Arrogance and Ignorance, and they don’t wake up too late.

Friends, humility is a virtue. It opens doors to blessings, opportunities and other doors.

Think on these things.

Beryl Ehondor
MONTEÉCLAIRS Transformation Ambassador

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