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Doing the dishes days after, i got thinking about the events of the February 24th, 2013 edition of ‘Worship Unscripted’  by Toyin & Friends especially the last theme, ‘Lover of my Soul’ and my testimony of God’s loving rescue, the Holy Spirit dropped a word in my heart , ‘Forgiveness’.


 I searched within asking, ‘Forgiveness?! Lord, what do you want me to share?’ He reminded me of an incident when i was about 12 years old living with a relative.


One day the fridge was leaking, my uncle called my attention and said, see that water there, lick it up’. Immediately, i went to get a rag and bowl to clean it up. Then my cousin came out of nowhere and stopped me,


‘What are you doing?, he asked’.


‘I want to clean up the water na ’


‘No o! Is that what daddy said? He said you should lick it up, what do use for licking, oya lick it…’

Ah ah! I was bewildered, no appalled! I had attended a public primary school, but my father (awesome Man, i tell you) even though a student-by-day-&-security-guard at night (at that time) had strictly ensured i read & worked on all the extra subjects not taught in school, read all the children story books available (and gosh! I loved knowledge); so i damn well knew that‘Lick it up’ meant ‘Clean it up’.


So i considered my options; do the absurd thing my cousin was asking or refuse and get beaten (by two or more persons) when no adult’s home. Guess what i chose? Yes! I bent down and used my tongue to lick up the water on the floor, spiting into the bowl while they laughed…


My uncle suddenly walks in (of course my bullies disappeared), there was both pity and disgust in his voice as he spoke, “ah ah! what are doing? Oh my God! I didn’t ask you to use your tongue, i meant clean it with rag or something…”


I didn’t report anyone or complain (i would end up suffering for it anyway), so i just did as i was told, silently playing-the-fool. Several years later, i had given my life to Christ but the pain of many and even worse incidences like those built a pit of resentment and unforgiveness.


Is there someone out there still holding a grouse against another? My dear, you need to set yourself free. Forgive them, set yourself free. If you’re still struggling, find an atmosphere of Worship, experience open heavens and receive grace to Let Go and Let God. It’s not easy but it’s possible and starts with a decision. Choose right!


 Be sure i’ll invite you to the next Worship Unscripted experience organised by +Toyin Adebola & friends, but till then borrow a leaf from me…Ask the Holy-Spirit to break you, mend you, fill your heart with love, joy, peace, patience.


Lick up your ego, emotion; FORGIVE, Jesus did, i do, you can.


I love you friend.

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