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Love on the Rocks

By June 18, 2016Uncategorized

Is your marriage or any relationship on the rocks? No one (husband, wife, parent, child, colleague, neighbor, friends etc)  seems to understand you or can help your love life.  Don’t worry. I got you covered and I’m the case study.

My last relationship was an emotional rollercoaster, a struggle. I liked the guy from the beginning but along the line I began to feel unloved, empty, bored, dissatisfied. Nothing, no bliss in the horizon to look forward to.
I asked myself questions; what’s wrong with me? Am I such a perfectionist that a good Christian guy can’t love me enough? What would it take to love me? What are my really looking for? What am I looking forward to in this marriage? No butterflies, happy ever after flashes? What’s the point getting married? What’s wrong with me?

I spoke with some friends, they said to give it time, to lower my standards,  pray more, endure, pipe down, to become a stooge…and all sorts of things including a postulation that crisis in a relationship shows its the will of God. Hmmm… God have mercy!

In the face of all of this, my future happiness and peace at stake, I began a research and came upon the book by Dr. Gary Chapman – Five Love Languages. It was a life saver. I wasn’t weird afterall.

I took the test, found out my love language and why it seemed my love tank was empty and how to love others and myself effectively. Wow! I shared all of this with the guy, I guess he didn’t take the cue.

But hey! I’m happier for it today. I’m not yet married but my love tank is full.

Some of you already married, some still single but struggling, managing the relationship that has literally hit the rock, probably held by dotted lines and some kegs of palm wine. You wish you could divorce secretly, break all ties, elope or even take your life.  Stop! Listen!

Your marriage or relationship can still become bliss if you’re ready to make few changes, learn a few things and practice them in your own way.

Start with knowing that there are 5 love languages (Word of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Acts of Service and Physical Touch) . We are all represented there.
Know your love languages,  know that of your spouse, parents, children, siblings, staff etc by observation.
Show them love in their love language and you’ll get the best of them (I can almost guarantee you that).

God bless you Dr. Gary for letting God lead you to write this book which has saved and is still helping homes. God started family and is still interested in the family,  thus giving us info to make us stronger and loved. No cord binds like love.

See flier below,  join us for practical teaching and application of love languages, 10th September, 2016.

You can also Buy the book from your local store,  check online, take the tests or just ask me questions whenever you want. Thank me later. I’m all geared up to see some love tanks full and fulfilled lives. See http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/
Love you too.
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