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My Acada Story

By February 22, 2016Uncategorized

Story story? Story! Once upon a time…oh don’t be shy now, we’ve all got one to share. No matter how ‘gentle’ you were in school, people and situations (apart from exam time o…lol) must have stirred your survival instinct or adrenaline at some point. Your acada story are gists centered around school experiences, especially in cases where God delivered you.

I’m not just talking about scary boarding school tales like ‘madam koi koi’, ‘Bush baby’, ‘gbomo gbomo’ or some random unproven gist like the ones my cousins used to share with me each time they were on holiday and I wouldn’t dare go pee alone at night weeks after.

Let your acada story feature you as the lead character and be true. Story can be from primary, secondary or under graduate level.  I get plenty gist o. Let me drop some to inspire you…hehehe

#myacadastory 1- Finally,  I gained the admission o, feeling fresh,  poised to study , but to have fun too. Of course I wasn’t serious with fellowship stuff.  My books were more important.
Then one day,  our Sociology lecturer, one short, slim, unattractive, bald man, Mr. Lawal gave an impromptu test. 98% of us failed the 10 marks test, but the wahala started when the scripts returned, and he had written ‘SEE ME’ on all the girls sheets,  including a guy who had a girl’s name. Of course he was kicked out when he went…lol.

I became afraid, that kind of fear that makes you fart & want to use the toilet. For the first time,  I got serious with God,  I fasted & prayed because I heard that saying No to that man is equal to eternal carryover and extra year. Ha! I was so scared.

Then on D-day to see Mr.  Lawal (he had also given everyone time to come,  so we came in batches), I waited outside with two other ladies, while the man discharged other visitors. Ha! I went fasting,  wore a VERY LONG gown,  tied  my hair,  carried some tracts and October enlargement fliers…omo! No be small thing o!

So I entered and greeted. He sat casually, one leg over the arm of his chair, shirt not fully buttoned…and for the first time I saw him smiling…fear chill caught me…

Me: good afternoon sir, God bless you sir
Mr. Lawal: yes Beryl Ehondor,  how are you?  (I could feel his eyes glossing over me like those scanners checking for ebola or bomb) (I pleaded the blood of Jesus inside me & maybe said a million prayers within seconds)
Me: (I quickly handed over the enlargement flier and invited him to church mustering all the confidence I could whip up)
Mr. Lawal: hmmm… (he muttered looking over the flier) …Assemblies of God… (at least I was glad his attention was now on the paper & not my body)
So you are from edo state?
Me: yes sir
Mr. Lawal: I know you.  You always sit in front so that you will hear me abi.
Me: yes sir
Mr. Lawal: Why did you fail the test? Do better next time
Me: Sorry sir, yes sir, thank you sir

…and so I was discharged and told to call the next girl. Oh my God! What a  relief! If I could see Jesus physically that moment, I’d have hugged him powerfully.
The incident taught me not to approach God on emergency basis but to have a deeper relationship. I got serious with God afterwards.  I got more advances from lecturers throughout school but God delivered me and I had good grades.

That lecturer,  Mr. Lawal demanded sex from one my class mates,  she refused and had to rewrite that course 4 times. She didn’t graduate with us because of that one course,  as her script was always getting ‘missing’. That’s one of #myacadastory,  what’s yours?

#myacadastory 2:  I found out my class governor,  sitting mate,  study pal was a cultist, if na you , wetin you go do?

#myacadastory 3: I Almost drowned in the river behind  my secondary school where we went to wash up after agric practical. I stared death in the face and drank a lot of dirty stream water while starring at it…till I was saved by one small boy. His mercy  kept me…chai! I wish I could say God bless God,  He’s too much, loved me even when I didn’t care

Awaiting your acada story. Just add the hash tag #myacadastory within your post.

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