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By November 20, 2015Uncategorized

Mr.  Kunle Adebayo  was sharing his vision of www.godschannel.tv with me and mentioned how God always speaks to him in the bathroom. I quickly told him to bath more often…lol.

Don’t look at me like you don’t hear it too. Don’t raise your eyebrow like you’ve never asked yourself this question, ‘am I crazy? Am I hearing things? Is this God speaking or just my subconscious talking? This idea is outlandish,  won’t people call me crazy?… ‘. Perhaps you’re right about the crazy part. #LaughingOutLoud

I remember hearing Mr Ubong King share at a singles hangout program i recently coordinated, how he usually (hearing a mysterious voice in his mind) receives radical ideas that change his life and transform his finances while he’s sitting on the ‘throne’. That’s his toilet seat actually. Lolz 😄.

Mine happens at odd places and positions,  some of which I’ve blogged about. It’s amazing!  Hope I’m not speaking over someone’s head? Lemme ask before I hear,  ‘gerra outta here’…

#picksMicrophone,ClearsThroat… ‘is there anyone in this virtual room who has never ever heard a mysterious voice in their mind? Speak now lest I be accused of speaking gibberish from contacting aliens.  Any raised hand?’ None! Great!

Let’s  assume we’ve established the following,
1. that God is mysterious
2. That life as a human in God is a mystery
3. That we all hear voices,  and the talks can be scary sometimes
4. That we all hear voices, but some people are clearly crazy
5. That we can all hear voices and choose to ignore it
6. That we all hear voices, and it’s God speaking sometimes

That done,  let’s narrow today’s post to number 6 by asking about God’s speaking style. Is there a formula? Does it happen during yoga, a conjure session, quiet time or while taking a lotus pose? Do you have to lock yourself in, climb a mountain, visit a valley, dress up, undress, dance madly on one foot,  make animal sounds , random gesticulating, roll on the floor speak gibberish or just stare at the sun, moon, star, fish, graven image or even your reflection in a hideously decorated mirror?

I’m still talking about God.  Some say he speaks in their dreams, some through the Bible, through prophecies, through children,  animals, inanimate things, trance, visions and through their mind or to their ears.

Well,  truth is, God is not limited to any mode of communication. There’s no formular for timing,  position and venue. So it’s best to follow him with an open mind. God’s ways are past finding. He’s unfathomable. Doesn’t need any celestial senate to seat before He takes a decision or speak to you. He can do anything,  anytime,  anywhere.  I urge you to find your place in Him. He’s still speaking to men and changing lives in more ways than we can imagine.
Truly, O God of Israel, our Savior, you work in mysterious ways Isaiah 45:15

Do you want to experience God? Ask me how.

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