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Nod your head twice if you’ve ever gotten any of these responses: Network Busy’ , ‘Number not Available on  Network’, ‘number you have dialled is not reachable at the moment’, ‘Number does not exist’, ‘communication failure has occurred’, ‘you have insufficient balance’ , ‘you are not allowed to call this number’ ‘…your call has been terminated’ …not to mention undelivered emails, pings and the wasting prepaid monies to the mobile networks and failed customer care …arrrgghhh!$#@^#&%^$R^&…mssstchheeeew! #i guess your head is already vibrating with many nods…lol#

Have i been the only one experiencing this network menace recently?? make no mistake  about it dear  friends, all the networks in Nigeria are culpable.

‘Oh my God!’, i exclaimed out of frustration yesterday (and short of throwing away my phones and laptop in annoyance). I simply concluded it could only be a kinda network principality (internet witches & wizards or network devils) or a grand internet network conspiracy  #pls don’t laugh at my ‘crazy’ thoughts, i was just too upset#

Hearing my internet conspiracy theory, my dad chuckled and reminded me, he said, ‘my pikin, this should remind us as Christians that the world will soon end. Yes! everything can now be controlled by the click of a button somewhere somehow…’. a click and we’re off the internet, a click and your power supply is out, a click and you can’t access your money or your family…just a click to the global world order controlled by the anti-christ.

Bad news fills the air , yesterday it was Boko haram in Nigeria dramatizing terrorism activities we used to watch with disdain & pity occur in other countries; today it’s the US east coast experiencing severe weather conditions due to hurricane Sandy making a landfall, resulting in flooding, power outages, flight and airport disruptions and massive evacuations with millions of people and property affected. Strange and orchestrated disasters everywhere…all signs, proof of a theory….a Revelation (see 2Thessalonians2:1-12)

Thankfully, i have the good news, the anti-dote, the almighty-formular for the complex equation of life,  you can beat the ‘network conspiracy theory’ Today, Now if you can take a decision to Repent and be translated. Accept Jesus into your life as your Lord & Saviour . Now is the acceptable time, you never know when you’ll breath your last. He’s is waiting for you o.

For prayer support and counselling please send mail to berylsdeardiary@gmail.com

I love you, but Jesus, even more.

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