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By March 25, 2011Uncategorized

The chronicles of a strong black woman; super story, more to life  than marriage, pillow talk…ideas poured into my mind as caption for this piece…& quite frankly I’m still contemplating…. 

Today, I identify with the Single Black Christian Sister & the Pressure of Marriage. Oh yeah, Pressure!…from the family, relatives, friends, friends, church folks, sermons and even you! {ain’t nobody innocent on this one}. Its usually seen as showing concern but it manifests as pressure on the ladies.

For instance; “Ah Sis. Jane, when will we chop your rice na”; “when will we sew ur asóebi na?”; “hmm…we are praying for u o! Ha! That day will be wonderful”; What are you waiting for sef, look at your mates…”. On & on we go, and she soaks it all in.

Oh my God! How is she supposed to feel?…{please give me a minute, we’re going somewhere with this…}

Is marriage really worth the trouble?
I dare say that at least half of those who ask these questions are not exactly having a ‘Perfect Marriage’ so what is the catch? This has nothing to do with spiritual gymnastics, I’d say!…Its God’s grace & mercy, some couples say and I agree.

Childhood Fantasies cultured from foreign storybooks still cloud some minds, “and they lived happily everafter..” Cut! Welcome to the real world, honey! With real issues!!…*did I hear raised voices…duh!!!*

I have asked & queried, wondered & pondered, snooped & poked, burrowed & bugged all to no avail until eventually GOD himself gave me a definite purpose & relevance of marriage; it’s not a necessary bondage like some believe or manifest & it isn’t challenge-proof {whether Christian or not}…I’ll probably share that insight sometime in the year.

*Spotlights on the damsels*…..And now to the beautiful, hard working, Spirit-filled, tongue-rolling Christian black woman, there’s something you’ve got to know; *the waiting Game ain’t easy in any scenario but while you are at it, borrow a leaf from the five wise virgins*. Be the best U can be; Explore new frontiers, hobbies, businesses, achievements; Add value to yourself; Become whole, so U can complete another;

Finally, get LOST in God, He compares to no man.
Fact: Marriage won’t solve your LOVE problem, only GOD does! Peace!!


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