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By November 27, 2012Uncategorized

 Everybody hates to be kept waiting! Chidi was no exception, he was sick of it. He had sent me an ‘epistle’ (in the name of chatting) sharing his despair of waiting for a job after graduation…and his case isn’t peculiar.

Everybody hates to be kept waiting! Okay maybe not ‘everybody #making allowance for weird exceptions# , but most ‘normal’ people hate to be kept waiting particularly when they are not certain of when the wait will be over.

I am not quick to judge those 5 foolish virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) who weren’t sufficiently prepared for the wait on the bridegroom (there were also virgins). I’m not quick to think i know how ‘waiting’ people feel, be it ‘Waiting Mothers’, ‘Waiting Singles’, ‘Waiting Orphans’ (awaiting adoption), ‘Waiting Contractors’ (especially for payment on government related projects), ‘Waiting Applicants’, ‘Waiting Hungered’, ‘Waiting Patients’, ‘Waiting Dreamers’, ‘Waiting Artistes’, ‘Waiting Entrepreneurs’….the list is endless.

So here’s the deal, my candid advice from hereon is: if you must Wait, then you must play the ‘Play the Waiting Game’. (please note this applies to born-again Christians, which you can be a part of today just by asking Jesus into your life):-

GaMe RuLeS (in no particular order)

Ø  -Acknowledge the awesomeness of the Gamer (God)
Ø  -Appreciate your Game level, options, lifelines, gadgets, accessories etc
Ø  -Seek counsel , the game isn’t meant to kill you (find a person, e.g pastor, friend or spouse to share the crazy, despaired, frustrated, depressing thoughts with or simply write them down for review with the gamer)
Ø  -Study the Gamers manual (the Holy Bible)
Ø  -Avoid distractions (loopholes, blockages from the enemy, the accuser of the brethren -Satan)

Ø  -Assume a winning disposition i.e. speaking the gamers language (in prayers, supplication and confessions)
Ø  -Trust the Gamer absolutely till you win and beyond (Jeremiah 29:11) He knows the beginning from the end and everyone is meant to win , only believe
Ø  -Don’t Quit (if you are confused , disoriented, disconcerted, disillusioned or delirious at any stage revert to step 1)

I’ll be waiting for your comments on the game so far, which from my experience is unique to all. Don’t keep me waiting dear, contact me , post your comments or send a mail ASAP.


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