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Today, you walk into a new generation church and the preacher tantalizes your mind with mesmerizing words and catchy phrases. Lines from philosophers are used more the scriptures. There is no insight or depth  in the scriptures taught; every line is tailored towards exciting the congregation, meeting their emotional needs and boosting the financial status of the church. The question I dare to ask is do we still preachers or they have been replaced by motivational speakers?!


Churches now employ preachers not because of the level of anointing they carry, but choose by how well they can convince and carry a congregation. The church is run like it’s a business enterprise, ‘HAPPY CONGREGATION, HAPPY CHURCH’ or better still, ‘HAPPY CONGREGATION & THE CHURCH SMILES TO THE BANK’.

For the most part, Christian motivational speakers concentrate on two areas that may overlap. The first is spreading the gospel. This does not mean that they are training for the priesthood. It means that they apply the Bible’s teachings to anything and everything going on in the world today and they speak about it at whatever opportunity arises.

In the past several years, with the country leaning more and more to the right, popular radio and TV shows have sprung up, and Christian motivational speakers are invited to present their views through the media, to a large audience of viewers or listeners. They are not preaching. They are discussing current events or trends from a Biblical or religious perspective. For example, recently there was a man who sued the Federal Government to have the words “under God” removed from the pledge of allegiance. This prompted many discussions in churches and schools as well as on radio and TV. Some of the people who were discussing the religious side of the conflict were Christian motivational speakers known for their ability to articulate a discussion in a clear and concise and “winning” manner.

The other focus for Christian motivational speakers is speaking face to face with groups of people with the sole intent of converting as many of them as possible over to whatever particular group they represent. In order for any particular religious group to survive and prosper into the future it must constantly be growing. That means people must join them, or at the very least, people must be persuaded to donate money or other assets to the group.


Religious figures often employ the services of well-trained Christian motivational speakers to bring people into the fold and increase donations. While the men at the top of these organizations concentrated on weekly preaching and prayer services, they actively trained and sent out speakers to convince the masses of people to join their groups. It is combination of the message offered by the particular leader with the skills and talents of the motivational speakers that will bring people on board. The motivational speakers who perform the best, and who bring in the most donations or new members, are very highly paid for their services.
Where is the love of God in all this? We are having a form of Godliness and denying the power thereof. Him that thinketh he stand should take heed lest he falls, cause these days the love of many are waxing cold. Hold on to the truth. The world awaits your manifestation.


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