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Saka Porting: The Relationship Angle

By May 7, 2013Uncategorized

I don’t know if its just me but i hardly ever took Saka (Hafeez Ayetoro) seriously perhaps because of the househelp roles or mannerisms that came with his body structure and stage character in nollywood , until i heard a rumour that he lectures in the theatre arts department of a higher institution in this ‘obodo nigeria’ .

I bet you have seen the new MTN Port advert? Did you notice that the lead face Saka used to advertise for Etisalat? I Will be sharing with you what likely happened behind the scene to cause what you will call in developed nations “Brand Scandal” and I will relate it to our day to day situations of costly mistakes we make.

Today’s edition focuses on Relationships. His decision to port to MTN after a better 20million Naira deal gives us a vivid example of what happens between most single men and single ladies who will date each other for years but the guy/lady will refuse to seal the relationship with a marriage contract. My advice to such ladies is simple: Port to the man willing to marry you. And to the guy, port to the lady ready for marriage. Etisalat used Saka for years and refused to have a legal contract with him. (And this is most nauseating cos they won’t try it in any western nation.) Today they are paying heavily for it.

My sincere advice to our single ladies is not to be foolish. Look for a man that values your worth enough to keep you for life. Not that guy that keeps promising you marriage, claiming things are still tight for him. Marriage has nothing to do with being wealthy.

Pastor Nike Adeyemi once shared how they got married in a one room apartment and it made sense. And for the guys, quickly leave that lady who keeps inventing excuses for not being ready – I’m still in school, I’m too young, etc. Please how old was your mother when she married? Remember anyone who is not willing to sign that marriage contract doesn’t value your worth. If he/she refuses to marry you, you want my advice;” make you port ooo!”

Lastly,once you see anyone that signs that deal, give it your best. You saw how Saka danced a N20million dance in the new MTN Port advert. He never danced like that for Etisalat. Once that guy or lady signs the marriage papers, give him/her the best of your life. He/she deserves it.

He that hath an ear, let him hear Saka o..hehehe!

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