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Sometimes I sit and complain about why I wasn’t born in another country with a ‘golden-spoon’, why I didn’t study another course in school; I hear others complain about the witches pursuing them from their village, how they wish Dangote was their father or in-law, they complain about unemployment & the failing economy is ‘forcing’ them into criminal activities e.g. ‘boko-haramism’, ‘419ing’, kidnapping, armed robbery, corporate begging, get-rich-quick-schemes and the likes…


If there’s such a fellow around you, please do this little exercise,  ‘look them eyeball-to-eyeball and say SIMEON!’



First time I met him was at rehearsals in prep for ‘Worship Unscripted’   organized by Mr. Toyin Adebola. I marveled as he played the bass guitar with such dexterity. Touching what was ‘supposed’ to be his hand (no palms, just a wrist), I was awed at what it could do and I couldn’t. ‘do you eat eba’, I asked. ‘I do everything’, he said. Wow!

I couldn’t wait to know more about this superman Djagbo Simeon aka Bishop, a native of Ughelli South, Delta, in his late 20’s , HAS NO PALMS yet plays the keyboard, drum and bass guitar (very well) …Check the pictures & I watched him live!!!


Speaking in a private interview, Bishop, a Library and information Science graduate, told me how he’s pulled through life, went to school, service year (NYSC) and now an active member of the I-Can Crew band. Hanging out with Simeon taught me the realities of life. You can BE whoever you want to be if you believe. Simeon is the most positive person I ever met. His life challenges me. So every time a challenge hurls itself at me, I simply think, ‘SIMEON!’ , and I’m encouraged.


In the words of Joel Osteen, ‘Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you are going to live your life’. So whenever I’m depressed, weary of life and the nation, I’ll simply pick my pen, write down all the good things happening in my life , remember SIMEON and lift my hands in praise of God’s mercy.


If you wanna see SIMEON minister on the 29th of November,  2015 , join us at the Tribute to the King 2. Assemblies of God church,  111, Clegg Street,  Ojuelegba,  Lagos. Time is 5pm prompt.  His playing the guitar or the drums may just be the revival your life and your church needs.  #TributeToTheKing2

Yours truly,

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