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By April 27, 2017Uncategorized

You know i still love you right? 😍lol…All this talk about this amazing book just makes be bubbly😊 but i had to share this…it’s an interesting comment from one of our readers,😎 (call it a twist to the tale) on the original post. This is what +Ebenezer Egwuatu had to say about the Songs of Solomon. Enjoy! – Beryl

Good evening Beryl,  I’ve read your post [ http://www.monteeclairs.com/2017/04/songs-of-solomon-what-on-earth-did-god.html]  and this is what i have to say….All scripture is given by the inspiration of God. So, songs of Solomon was inspired by God.                        God’s intention?  That His children may learn and enjoy boundless intimacy in marriage by expressing themselves to one another in love.

Secondly, it paints a picture of God’s love for His own. Songs of Solomon is God’s standard of erotic love within the context of marriage. Unfortunately, due to ignorance by the church, and a sense of unworthiness, which is a lie sold to the church by the devil, sex is seen as a no go area in church teachings.  Little wonder the devil is using the subject of sex, which he has perverted to destroy Christian homes today because of the quantum of the church’s ignorance in this area. Sex in itself is good because God but that urge in man for procreation.

 Like Myles Munroe would say, when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. That’s what has happened to the church in respect of this all-important subject. Teenagers are labelled sinners for asking questions about the changes they see in their body during adolescent years. The society makes the subject look dirty and is discussed in hush tones, hence the secrecy that surrounds everything about sex.

But this has not helped the church. We are living in denial. While the enemy is destroying marriages due to our ignorance or playing the ostrich. Proverbs 5:16 – 20 tell a husband what to do with the wife of his youth. I dare say, if the church had taught this subject properly, many Christians won’t be hooked or addicted to pornography. The sexual security and satisfaction that is derivable in marriage is what the devil has perverted in pornography and Christians think there need to learn from the world.

God is love. So we as Christians should be top in the expression of the facets of love depending on the context.  Be it Philo, Eros or Agape. 1John 4:18 says there is no fear in love,  perfect love casts out fear and he who fears is not made perfect in love. My spouse should not have any fear of denial or non-satisfaction in marriage.  This leads to seeking that satisfaction elsewhere.  It must not even necessarily be sex all the time.  What about verbal appreciation?  What about gifts and respect?  What about being nice, gentle and considerate?

What about submitting to one another as Ephesians 5:21 enjoins us to do?  What about husbands treating their wives with understanding (knowledge) and honour as instructed in 1Peter 3:7 All these and many more, form the expression of love and it gives the woman a sense of security and satisfaction.

Now to the main issue of sex. God designed it, so it is good. Without sex, we cannot fulfill God’s mandate of populating the earth. Sex was designed to take place in marriage between husband and wife. Beyond procreation, sex between couples increases their bonding and it is the highest form of intimacy because it involves the mind, the emotion and the body. I may stretch it to spirit, soul and body.  So, while we are free to satisfy each other, which should be the primary goal, because love is not selfish; that satisfaction MUST BE DONE within the limits of scripture.  Anal sex is prohibited by the Bible, so it’s a no-go area even in marriage as a Christian. Likewise other practices unscriptural practices like bondage sex or inflicting pains.

In the final analysis, the songs of Solomon is a romantic manual for Christian couples,  God inspired the writing because He wants His children to enjoy life in its fullness including sexual pleasure.


I rest my case.

….So what do you think?😏

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