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Stories that Touch

By March 27, 2016Uncategorized

Benny was kind enough to allow me on team TWINKLE, a project to reach out in love to school children in Ajegunle, Lagos.  See details below page.

While Prepping to counsel,  I started thinking of something inspiring to share, something the children could remember and have hope…hope?! I suddenly remembered my mum’s story…A truly touching one.

My mum came from a poor and divorced home.  She didn’t start primary school until she had breasts. She was so poor, rags were her sanitary towels,  left overs were her 3 course meal, murky was the drinking water,  child labour was daily routine,  a maid even in her father’s house. Mocked, tempted, maltreated,beaten, ridiculed, abandoned and persecuted,  she was told to quit school,  get a boyfriend and learn a trade, but she had a dream,  to be someone,  be educated,  be important, rise above the mediocrity evident in her family.

And she did,  for God was with her. Today, a few years past the golden age (50+), that ‘old mama in class’ has got her SSCE, Grade 2, National Certificate in Education, Diploma in Secretarial Studies,  B.Sc in Primary Physical Health Education, B.A. in Theology, M.Sc in Guidance and Counselling,  now doing her second Masters in Missiology, while running her NGO,  Rescue Heart Africa Foundation (which cares for the less privileged). Pastor Mrs. Veronica I.B. Ehondor https://m.facebook.com/rescueheartafrica/

Key lessons to draw from this inspiring woman (my mum):
1. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help in learning
2. Treasure and nurture relationships, God blesses using people
3. Do not be ashamed to study and get help while studying
4. Anticipate the needs of others and try to help, even if it’s just with a prayer. You are not here for yourself alone
5. Find your purpose in God and it will inspire you to improve daily
6. Never stop dreaming or working and helping others to do same
7. Love God, don’t keep grudges and forgive all who hurt you
8. Guard your heart,  take all advice with a pinch of salt,  Listen to your conscience
9. Get a mentor, life coach or discipler
10. Trust God with all your heart, lean not to your understanding,  acknowledge him in all your ways and he’ll direct your path

Maybe there’s something touching your life in this life testimony. Think about it.  Your situation may worse than worst,  but hey! Don’t give up,  it’s not over,  you’re still breathing. Do Somethings today,  forgive, thank God for your existence,  seek out your purpose,  dream and achieve.  You need God, you need people. Who says Jesus doesn’t change lives? Well,  I’ve got evidence He does.

I hope this story touches a life,  births new hope,  mind transformation and positive revolution.  Share your stories that touch with me. #storiesthattouch

NB: there’s still opportunity for you to join or support us in project TWINKLE. Just ask me how. #SMF #projecttwinkle

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