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By September 27, 2012Uncategorized

Men are fascinating creatures and I’ve got lots of them (varying breeds) around me (thousands of them I beleive). I’ve been studying them a while now. I admire their courage, dedication to work and family, charisma and their I’ve-got-it-all-under-control-attitude to situations (even when it’s obviously otherwise).

It’s amazing how even though their bodies metamorphose, ageing with time, having responsibilities, dependents and expectations increase, THEY EVERLY REMAIN CHILDREN. Please don’t take it the wrong way when I call the ‘men’ ‘boys’, no disrespect intended ; I totally adore your gender, sometimes wishing I was…hehehe. {but thank God I’m not…phew!}

Oh!, you don’t believe me. Ok, check this out. Why do men have to get married?  Because someone needs to care for them, wash their clothes, ensure they take their bath, do their home-work (regularly given & marked by their boss at job), cook and ensure they feed, monitor, motivate and duplicate them.

The aspect that has caught my interest recently and proves beyond all reasonable doubt that all we have are boys = men is this…..wait for it……MEN NEVER OUTGROW TOYS!!!

I see their antenna’s rising in defence, saying to themselves where on earth is she going with all this!
Sitting in their midst, they are already discussing about the latest car, mobile phone, laptop, ipad, action figure in sports, business, movies etc. Then one of them buys something new and shows off (not intentionally…lol) to the guys at church and job.

Picture this guys! Back in the days, remember the toys, bought or improvised, the colourful plastic cars, computer games, soldier mini-dolls, drawings of action figures…etc. don’t you still have them, this time bigger n more expensive ones…we see it everyday in the purchase of a new car, a new phone, new laptop or some gadget. To win the ladies, they invite them to play their ‘toys’…and the circle continues…

an argument has already erupted about women being more childish than men, but hey! Get over it guys, didn’t you buy and show off your new ‘toy’ yesterday…android phones, skin sensitive  & fingerprint starting cars, Mac, i-pad, fiancé, new wife, 100” 3D cinema TV

Would i be right to say we’re God’s favourites , not mere toys but as children, as treasures…remember how the created man in Eden, came down every evening to play with him. Loved man so much even when broken He’d fix us, wrap us, replace broken parts (divine healings).

So to my beautiful men out there, tell me, isn’t it true:
1. that you all have one toy or another (gadget or whatever)?
2. that you will always love and will keep getting ‘men Toys’?
3. that you care much more for your ‘toys’ (especially cars) than anything else?

there’s no need to be shy, i totally understand {that some will never grow up}…lol                                -TO BE CONTINUED.

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