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During my service year in Dutse, Jigawa state, I had to assist my choir director score a song and so I was given a cassette player to take home. On getting home as usual there was no light and of course one could never predict when the light would come so weighing my options I decided to get batteries for the player. About a day or two later, Nepa gave light and I rushed to my room, got the player out and pressed play.

No sound.

‘Arrrghhhh! Not now! not today!’ I screamed in my mind. I took the player, fidgeted here and there, checked the wires, checked the power circuit point, pressed off and on again and then pressed Play. No sound.
Ah, how can this be happening I thought to myself. I grabbed the player, dashed off to another Corper’s room, plugged it and pressed play.

No sound.

Now I stopped being confused and moved over to being worried.’ Ah, this player is not mine. How do I now explain to the owner that the Player which was working is now bad. How much allowee was I collecting to now include buying a new Cassette Player for someone else? Everyone tried what they could but still no sound.

Resigned, I went back to my room, threw the Player on my bed and muttered a silent prayer to the Holy Spirit.     ‘Lord I am confused, I don’t know to do and what’s wrong, please help me Holy Spirit’.

About a minute or two later, His voice came, ‘ check the battery compartment’. Battery compartment? Quickly, I dashed for the Player, turned to the back, opened the battery unit and lo and behold, 6 batteries were there. I quickly removed it, plugged the Player to the power circuit and boooom!, the player began to work. ‘Ah thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus’, I breathed in relief.

As I reclined to enjoy the music, His Voice came again. ‘You cannot have me and have an alternative. It won’t work! I am either your main source, or the world is. You cannot be connected to me and the world at the same time. It won’t work.’

Who’s your source? God or man? Bishop Oyedepo said God asked him … can you, with one eye, look up and with the other look down at the same time? Impossible!

Today, take a decision, Its either Jesus or the world. Keep your Eyes FOCUSED ON JESUS. Make him your

one and only Source and He’ll make men your resources.

This April, Reign In Wisdom By The Holy Spirit .

Peace Onyegbuna (AGC, Leaders Domain)

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