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By September 20, 2016Uncategorized

The most important words in the world after  ‘I love you’ ,is WRITE IT DOWN. All my life, I’ve watched my dad always in possession of a pen or pencil and paper, just in case he needs to write things down. It has paid off in my family.

The powerful nuggets I’m about to share (just a bit though)  were written during a music rehearsal (in preparation for Toyin and Friends Concert aka  Worship Unscripted), as Mr. T poured his heart out as always,  challenging us to be the best in life. These words are Seeds, they’re deeply important and borne good fruit in me. Now I’m multiplying it’s impact by sharing. God bless you daddy. God bless you Mr. Toyin Adebola.

21 Nuggets for Life
1. One of the things to learn in working with God is speed
2. Be faithful to another man’s vision, God will give you yours. Monteeclairs transformation initiative is proof of this truth
3. When you leave something, you’ve mastered it. What you’ve mastered, you’re not a slave to
4. To earn more, you must learn more
5. The blessings of God are from above and not abroad
6. Expand your multimedia umbrella
7. When the monies come, pause, think
8. Carve a niche for yourself
9. Goodness & mercy follows,  it means you must move
10. God is a God of principles and miracles, learn the principles and miracles will follow
11. Practice the principles
12. In Genesis… What was the Spirit doing moving upon the waters?  He was evaluating and made a plan
13. What’s your vision?
14. If I spend everything, then I’m foolish ;SAVE
15. Whatever collects small money from you now, will collect big one. Block unnecessary spending
15. Have something that drives you
16. Don’t be scared to take action, nothing will move till you do
17. What wakes me up each morning? What drives me?
18. The gift is not enough, God expects you to push through
19. What can earn you $1,000,000 in a year?
20. God doesn’t bless you so you can be big. No! But to become an inspiration, to help others.
21. Deliver on time and excellently.

I hope you’re going to write this down. Why? Because the memory isn’t reliable, written goals are important, reminds you what to focus on, helps to review your thoughts, your life and improve focus on what’s important

Important things are written, if it’s not written, it’s not important and won’t add value to you (even if it’s got potential value). Act while you can, like now! Write right now! Chai, see rhymes… Lol.

What’s your favorite nugget and why?

Beryl Ehondor
Monteéclairs Transformation Ambassador

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